Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ideas For Writing Articles

Writing articles can be time consuming, but how do you write them quicker and actually get the ideas for them in the first place? Well you simply look at other written article on the web and you start to take notes about specific topics and then these notes that you've taken should be very loose notes to start with, as you don't want to go and duplicate other peoples work as that is bad for your online article writing career.

I like to write summarized lists of all the points in an article and these could be one sentence on each line and that's it and I find that this is enough for me to go on and ellaborate with my own words, it works this technique because I've been doing it for the last 2 years, also if you're lucky enough to get some plr articles which are articles that have been written for the sole purpose of people re-writing or using in their email lists then you can use them to totally re-write too, I do this often and I add images and other relevant link content ot them too with all the keyword research I do for each article it all creates a unique article.

Other people may use spinners, which I only do occasionally, because I prefer to write my own content from someone elses research, but write it in a unique way with my own opinion.

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