Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Article Marketing: Look At Magazines For Inspiration

Article marketing takes a lot of work and so the more places to find new inspiration on what you need to write about the better, this tip I read over at problogger and it's a good one, basically it involves you trawling through magazine racks at the shops and writing down key titles and phrases that can help you write solid article titles and even if your niche is different you can still pick up some good title ideas from different magazines.

Magazines reflect current trends and can be quite seasonal in their marketing approach and as such can be very useful for browsing on a regular basis for title research and studying for new content, do this weekly if you can, as you can build up vast amounts of new ideas and quite often one idea will lead to at least 20 others, just get past the notion of will people look at me whilst I am stood there with a notepad and pen, just think this is your job and you are not a magazine spotter or anything sad like that, this is part of your research and work needs to be done.

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