Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Grammar Girls Book - Quick And Dirty Tips For Better Writing

This book is a must for people who get the wrong ways of grammar usage all back to front and it is particlarly helpful to note that you actually will become a better writer as a result of soaking up the many tips and expert advice contained within the book, it seems that most people get caught up with using grammar wrong and some people don't realise it, until someone else points it out.

With some useful information on writing for your blog or even twitter, this book promises more than it says on the books cover and it delivers that promise very well, with informative content that brings ideas with a simple but methodical approach to your own writing and really does help you write better.

The book is available on Amazon below!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Writing Tips For Beginners

Writing tips for beginners is something that many do search for online and as usual in any niche there are good tips that are spot on in accuracy or there is garbage content that serves only the purpose of directing people to a product to buy or ads to click and that to me is not the way of providing useful writing information, sure if your product is good that you are trying to promote, but do try to make your free content sparkle too.

Read this article on some Writing tips for beginners, (you may have to squint your eyes slightly as the author hasn't put spaces in the paragraphs) grammar is one thing not to be overlooked, but I'd say your spelling is more important.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Writing From Experience

Writing from experience is something that anyone can do and you can build on your past knowledge, making your content sparkle with all of the insights and special ways you travelled your lifes path and sometimes it is useful to jot down along the way in the form of a journal that collects some choice thoughts that you feel are important and related to your best experiences that you want to share with your intended audience.

I for one am a great fan of listed thoughts, small snap shot sentences that reflect moments in time, and this list is easy to read back later on to structure your writing and of course these words may prompt you to write in more detail, as a single listed thought can be expanded upon.

Writing from memory is a very useful exercise to try and it gets better every time you start writing, your brain will recollect your thoughts as words and images and it's your job as you are writing to assemble all of that together and form an ordered coherent 4 to 5 paragraphs of written experiences.

Try writing down what you remember in past events and situations to try and perfect this great writing technique.

Read this article which further examines Writing From Experience