Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Grammar Girls Book - Quick And Dirty Tips For Better Writing

This book is a must for people who get the wrong ways of grammar usage all back to front and it is particlarly helpful to note that you actually will become a better writer as a result of soaking up the many tips and expert advice contained within the book, it seems that most people get caught up with using grammar wrong and some people don't realise it, until someone else points it out.

With some useful information on writing for your blog or even twitter, this book promises more than it says on the books cover and it delivers that promise very well, with informative content that brings ideas with a simple but methodical approach to your own writing and really does help you write better.

The book is available on Amazon below!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Writing Tips For Beginners

Writing tips for beginners is something that many do search for online and as usual in any niche there are good tips that are spot on in accuracy or there is garbage content that serves only the purpose of directing people to a product to buy or ads to click and that to me is not the way of providing useful writing information, sure if your product is good that you are trying to promote, but do try to make your free content sparkle too.

Read this article on some Writing tips for beginners, (you may have to squint your eyes slightly as the author hasn't put spaces in the paragraphs) grammar is one thing not to be overlooked, but I'd say your spelling is more important.

Friday, 4 December 2009

Writing From Experience

Writing from experience is something that anyone can do and you can build on your past knowledge, making your content sparkle with all of the insights and special ways you travelled your lifes path and sometimes it is useful to jot down along the way in the form of a journal that collects some choice thoughts that you feel are important and related to your best experiences that you want to share with your intended audience.

I for one am a great fan of listed thoughts, small snap shot sentences that reflect moments in time, and this list is easy to read back later on to structure your writing and of course these words may prompt you to write in more detail, as a single listed thought can be expanded upon.

Writing from memory is a very useful exercise to try and it gets better every time you start writing, your brain will recollect your thoughts as words and images and it's your job as you are writing to assemble all of that together and form an ordered coherent 4 to 5 paragraphs of written experiences.

Try writing down what you remember in past events and situations to try and perfect this great writing technique.

Read this article which further examines Writing From Experience

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Writing A Magazine Article

Effective magazine article writing all comes down to knowing and understanding your topic very well indeed and writing for magazines is rather like for online websites and content sites, except it's a more stricter editorial process when it comes down to your writing, but you're a writer so you knew that anyway right?

You can read the article here to learn about writing an effective magazine article

Friday, 27 November 2009

How To Write A Song

Writing songs maybe something you like doing because you listen to songs on the radio and think you can do it, but there comes a learning curve with song writing as you have to play to a tune and they both have to fit.
Here is an article about writing a song so what are you waiting for go and write your song

How To Write Your Own Report

Writing your own report is quite easy once you understand the simple steps to make that happen and they don't have to be that long in page length either, Ewen Chia has written a very useful short report that goes over the principals of writing a report to promote your website or main business product and at 15 pages of this free report it tells you in straight forward english how to write your reports to your niche market based on an outline plan from the outset.

You can download the PDF free report here - The Evergreen Writing Report

Thursday, 26 November 2009

How To Make Money From Your Blog

Making money from your blog requires a few steps to get right before you ever will consider making any money on it, as you need to write almost everday to catch up the search engines because other blogs are competing for the same page ranking results as you.

Watch this video to find out some top tips to make money with your blog.

Very Useful Writing Tips Videos

Writing tips captured through youtube video on the Ehow website, you can learn alot about writing through these experts talking you through the art of many writing tips that they know about and are willing to share with all of us who are learning to write well online or offline.

Watch the videos - Writing tips videos

How To Write A Research Paper

Writing a research paper can often be technical when it is thoroughly documenting evidence and research notes that are based upon fact, so you can get help with writing a research paper for free online and the processes become quite clear, especially through this article - Writing A Research Paper

10 Simple Tips For Writing A Blog Post

These ten tips for writing a blog post are really easy to apply to your own blogging, the post itself is written as a list post and each point is only a few sentences, but the clear issue is addressed for writing a blog post in the best way you can and it's useful too....So go read the very short blog post....

How to write a blog post

Creative Writing For Teachers And Students

Creative writing articles can help you if you have the time to read them and absorb the information contained within and at the you have a selection of articles to read over there that go through some of the best creative writing tips I've read in awhile, took me over 3 hours to rea them all, but it was worth it for all the information I learned from them.

Here's the link to the articles - Creative writing tips

Writing Strategies Choosing A Topic

Choosing a topic to write about is something that every writer struggles with, but it isn't really a struggle unless you are a new writer, here we have an article from Crystal Pratt and in it we learn about choosing your topic and some great methods for those inspired moments when you really need help for a topic to write about.

Choose your topic with these great writing strategy tips

How To Write Articles

Writing articles takes the understanding of writing and informs you of many formats to write and you yourself are the judge as to how you write but taking on board some top tips along the way is to be encouraged, with this article your are given the complete facts that will help you write a great article and it's a good starting point for your article writing journey.

Read the article here - Write and article that's good
And at the end there are some other related article to read too.

Writing Exercises For Poetry

Writing exercises can be used within any writing and in this poetry writing article Stacie has put together five top tips for writing poetry and gaining ideas based around a poem, but I found that these five tips can be used for other forms of writing such as stories.

Read here to get 5 poetry writing methods

Write A Job Winning Resume/CV

Getting that job always comes down to having a winning resume and writing a winner of a resume or CV takes a little thought like everything else and so in this article you can learn about the simple mechanics of writing a resume for your job hunting exploits.

Read how to write a winning resume

Make A Living As A Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is often regarded as one of the hardest professions to get into, especially online, but here we have an article from someone who is doing just that and he attempts to set you straight on the realities of Freelance writing and what it really entails, by getting rid of the tangled web of writing for riches and playing it safe by being realistic about writing as a freelancer.

You can read Sufidreamers article right here - Freelance writing for a living

Freelance Grant Writers Jobs

Find out about writing on a freelance basis for grant writing jobs, A grant writer is someone who writes and prepares grant applications of those that need them and they have to research about the many grants available and obviously know what they are writing about.

Find out more about Freelance Grant Writing here - Finding Freelance Grant Writers

How To Write Your Novel From The Gut

Writing a novel is something that some dream about and some actually do, but if you are in that mindset of actually getting on with it, you will be in a better position to write that novel from your gut, from all of your life experiences you can start to create imaginary characters and start to write intuitively.

An article from Robert Sloan shows you how to do this with very insightful knowledge from a very good author.  Write your novel From Your Gut Instinct

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

How To Write A Business Plan

Writing a business plan is one of the best things you can do to get your business idea on paper and then you can work through the steps of each section to build up a half decent plan of action and research that will form the very basis of your business start up.

This article walks you through the steps of a typical business plan and what is important to include in your plan when you begin to write your business plan.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Writing Seo Press Releases

How to write seo press releases and where to submit them is the thrust of this hubpages article and it is written in an interesting and informative style that makes it easy to understand and the benefits of doing so are also explained in the article as apparently you can get or gain powerful backlinks from media sources through all manner of RSS syndication through top news sites online.

Considering press releases? well read the article for more information - Writing and submitting press releases

Technical Writing Resource

Top technical writing resource for the advanced writers who crave technical writing and to write detailed manuals for any types of technical specifcations, this is one of the best sites on the internet for learning about the processes of technical writers, so read it to advance your writing knowledge.

Resource for technical writers

Improve Your Writing Skills 50 Free Resources

Improve your writing skills with this excellent article that displays 50 free resources that will improve your writing skills, what's great about this article is that it shows many different and very useful writing tips that you can read and apply to your own article writing or any type of writing for that matter.

What are you waiting for?... go and read the article for 50 top resources for improving your writing

Make Money Writing Reviews

Writing reviews of products can be a fun thing to do as many people do this online, because it's easy to review the products that you enjoy and recommend and making money from it is just as fun with affiliate marketing and earning commissions from the sales of these products from the customers that you refer.

There are some useful links on this article which talks briefly about making money through writing reviews from Courtney Tuttle of keyword academy

Linkbee For Sprinkling Some Backlinking Fairy Dust

Linkbee is a link service that you can utilize to build backlinks quite easily and you can also earn from the links revenue in the form of impressions and clicks through an interstitial ad or adsense banner, all you basically do is create links to your sites or anyones site and spread the links around without spamming and the more you look at certain keywords and ways of writing the anchor text links for your best keywords the better your results may be for the search engines for your links.

I wouldn't count on this as a full time income or anything, but something that combined with other revenue sharing methods, it could in time be an extra side income which will be nice, but even if you just want to use it for traffic to your main website or blog, then you can.

You can check out Linkbee here and this is an affiliate link and is something that we here at one page articles are testing out and we can see the linking potential of this site.

Writing Tips For College Essays

Writing tips are aplenty online and offline, so here is an article which has a couple of effective tips for writing college essays, some simple points to think about when you sit down to write these detailed essays for your own learning journey, as writing is about getting all the information down on paper and restructuring it so that all of your words and thoughts become an ordered way of writing.

You can read the article here - College Essay Writing Tips

95 Article Submission Websites For Article Marketing

Article marketing is a huge time consuming strategy that takes time and comittment to build up any amount of effectiveness to get decent results from. Free article submission sites are there to provide a no cost resourceful tool to achieve this and since you do need a working knowledge of witing articles you really also need to understand each sites submission policies as you don't want to do all the hard work and not have your articles accepted, some will allow any old content on there, but there are some sites which evaluate the content that people submit for grammar errors and spelling mistakes as this could impact their sites traffic and quality.

Take a look at these 95 article submission sites.

Further reading - Better traffic with article marketing

Sunday, 22 November 2009

10 Writing Tips To Improve Search Engine Results

Writing can improve your search engine results if you take into account all ten of the tips written in this article and these tips are very insightful if you want to get your articles looking professional so that they attract search engine traffic from the title and keywords of your articles, to proof reading and writing your article information as bite sized chunks to keep people reading and not leaving the over wordy content.

Ten tips for writing quality articles is a good read and important to understand the basics of getting search engine traffic.

Also for further reading:


Article Marketing For Better Traffic

Article marketing is one of the top ways to drive some targeted traffic to your website and it should be used to a set article marketing plan and never lose sight of your efforts and how well you are doing, get some good article content written and submitted to Ezinearticles, Goarticles, Hubpages or Squidoo and start to write articles to link up to your best articles or webpages or blog and keep doing this, over time your traffic will grow and as a result you'll get better at writing articles within your article marketing strategy.

Read this article marketing article and whilst you are there, look out for Sean R Mize as he has lots of useful short article tips for article marketing with 21,000 articles that I found useful.

Also check out this simple video for some quick article marketing tips.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Writing And Earning Through Hubpages - It Also Builds Traffic Too!

For over 3 years now, I myself have been writing for hubpages, testing out keyword based articles and other search engine methods for driving traffic through the search engines and quite recently I have managed to drive my traffic up to a point that I am pleased with, but I want to build on this and double the hits my hubpages get and even in the future I would like to times my traffic by 10 and I know this is possible with Hubpages, because a couple of weeks ago I managed to drive my traffic up to over 2000 views a day and this was not all of my hubpages, because there were a few older hubpages that were my first time efforts which will need to be updated and made more search engine friendly, I have nearly 350 hubpages on one account.

Hubpages allows you the monetization through Google adsense, Ebay and Amazon and even the introduction of Kontera awhile back which you need mega traffic to earn anything from, but adsense, ebay and amazon are more than enough when you optimize titles and article content effectively.

It took me a 3 year learning curve to figure things out and I can apply what I've learned through this site to other similar sites like Squidoo or Blogger.

If you're not a member of Hubpages, then I highly recommend you become one and sign up here at Hubpages

Bukisa Revenue Sharing Article And Content Site

Bukisa is a revenue sharing content site that you can submit your articles, videos, audio and photo slides to earn possible revenue from around your content and from what I've seen it looks like a great site to start creating content for and backlinking some of your existing content.

You can earn for up to 1000 impressions or views of your content of about $3.50 which is a good rate to capture some revenue from your content, but like any of these content revenue sharing sites, you have to have a plan to create content and stick to it, if you are a member of mulitple sites like this, then you may only have time to spare for a small handful of content pieces, but you are allowed to create up to 25 content types in a day, so if you did have the time to commit, then you could.

You can sign up to this revenue sharing website through the banner below:-

Author And Grow Rich - An Interesting Book That I Read And Reviewed

Author and grow rich is a book that shows you how to write a book in a small timeframe with great chapters on achieving this reality of earning an income from your book, the 10 chapters of the book deal with various aspects of authoring a book that could improve your financial situation, and yes books are still a valued past time and leisure activity.

You can read the full book review here - Author and Grow Rich Book Review

Reference Guide For Writing Grammar And Style

A writing resource guide for grammar tips and other writing styles on this very good dictionary site, there are a few links to other sections of the site such as writing usage and grammar styles that are the essential parts of writing professionally.

A great and massive page of the site deals with common english writing mistakes that people forget about.

This site is one of the best english resources you can find, although there are many online, so check it out!

Where To Sell Your Writing!

Selling your writing is one thing you should look ino once you have a load of articles or collections of niche articles you want to off load and there are many online places to sell your writing to, if you only knew where to look, well this article tells you all about some of the best places to sell your written work.

Copied Content - What You Could Do!

When someone copies your content that you have worked hard to write it sure is a pain when this happens, but one of the best ways you can get back at these lazy people is to attack at the source of their advertising by contacting google adsense if they have it on the site where your article has been copied and pasted right into the site, you can write a formal complaint against the offending lazy arse author.

Mark Knowles a top writer on hubpages tells you what exactly to do about copied content

Writing For Money Online

Writing for money online is something that can happen to the best writers and the ones who stick with it, I've been earning part time for a year now with content and affiliate marketing and it's this combination that really is worth the time and effort if you apply the right mindset to your writing and researching to create your chosen niche content.

See how to maximize your content revenue here and build your content earnings.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

77 Writing Tips

Some simple and useful tips here for writing and this list format is one easy to scan through hubpage article that is reminiscent of a blog post that uses the list format of simple direct tips.

No38 - Know the different ways to publish, is one that stood out for me, as when people think of stuff getting published they often have that thought of published in books and print media and that's the end of it, but online you can pretty much get out there in many areas quickly and gain a viewership that much faster than the traditional route, but any kind of path you take should include lots of ways to publish.

Read the full 77 tips article

How To Write A Product Review

Product review writing is a skill that really needs an honest eye and a genuine knowledge for the product and it's benefits, take affiliate products for example, people who are earning good money from reviews of affiliate products will say that if you own the product and understand the benefits and uses of that product then you will be more in a position to relate that to other people looking for this valuable information to make a buying decision.

Read this article on Affiliate Product Reviews

Friday, 13 November 2009

Today Is Friday the 13th...Oh Dear!

Friday the 13th is today and what that means is that anything could go wrong if you are superstitious that is and today stuff has gone wrong for me, my washing machine broke which I fixed horaay!, Hubpages server crashed which looked like the traffic was tripled, but it was not boooo! so in spirit of this day of Friday the 13th I thought I'd just post this link to my movie review of the remake of the Friday The 13th

How To Write An Article Online

Writing an article may take time but when it comes to taking the time to write for the internet, that time is best used to research what others may want in an article and whether that information you eventually write up will be useful for them in the long run and this article will help - Writing Articles Online

Grammar Mishaps A Series On Writing Effective Grammar

There are grammar mishaps and mistakes that people make quite frequently and through hubpages there is a prolific writer who knows what these vital grammar mistakes are and she has a series of hubpages that go through many of them all important ones some of us writers miss, so here is one of them - Grammar Mishaps - Semicolon vs Comma and you can locate all the others titled "grammar mishaps" at the writers profile page here - Robin

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Article Marketing Builds Up Over Time

Article marketing once you stick with it builds up your search engine rankings over time and so you have to stick with it to see the long term benefits of your article writing efforts, such is the way of the internet that if you stop eventually someone will overtake your efforts and replace you in the tops spots of different search keyword terms, so always keep at it and expand your search engine presence as far as you can with as many relevant keywords as possible.

Just think of each article as a doorway into your site, free content that can be found and read and then it tracks back to your site if it's not already on your site that is and feeds you traffic, it takes a good amount of time to build up this content, but if you carry on with it then it will certainly work for you as the more you write the better at writing you will also become whilst more traffic will come to your site because there will be more content to find.

Always look at how much you can write and how it's going to fit into your content marketing plan.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Five Ways To Overcome Writers Block

Writers block is something that affects all writers at some point and with this article there are five ways to overcome writers block and start to write more freely and there are some crazy ones like the mad half hour one that I swear by as it really does work.

5 Ways To Beat Writers Block

White Smoke English And Grammar Correction Software

This software is supposedly the premier software you can get for writing good english and correcting existing articles online and while you write on your blog or preparing articles for directories, I've been using it for a year now and it really is a good software to use only if you are thinking of being  pofessional writer on the web though, so check the article review out - Whitesmoke Writing Software

Using Ezinearticles For Marketing Your Content

There was a really good in depth article series on Hubpages written by Dale Mazurek about using Ezinearticles to market your work through article marketing and each part of this 8 part series looks at important aspects of using this popular article directory site to drive traffic to your main websites online.

You can read the first part here and then from there you can follow onto the next 7 parts of the article series - Earning Money Using Ezinearticles

Also for further reading:

Article marketing

Monday, 26 October 2009

Start Your Own Article Directory

Starting your own article directory is one of the most popular options you can do to organize content for yourself as a viable online business and you can earn from the advertising revenue that could build up as a result, once you have decided that starting your own article directory is something that you want to do, you have to find a good script that will make it easier to gather new members for your directory and I recommend the Article Friendly script which you can find in this blogs sidebar, as it has all the features of a high end script with a simple to install php script.

Read this to find out a bit about starting your own article directory

Ten Tips For Creating Great Articles

If you intend on writing great articles then this article is for you and it provides 10 top tips that are insightful to you writing some great articles for whatever niche you may write for online and I tried to come up with some good solid information here that can be applied instantly to your own article writing, you can read the article here - Ten Tips For Writing Great Articles

Benefits Of Article Marketing

Article Marketing benefits is something that can be achieved through some hard work and concentrated focusing on your niche, in this article I tried to think of some main benefits of marketing your content that would be good for your own content branding, so check out the article - Benefits of content marketing

One Page Articles Welcomes You To The World Of Article Marketing And Content Writing

One Page Articles is a blog that will be going through the resources and the special tips that can help you get ranked through the search engines with unique and valuable content that appeals to human visitors and search engines, of course this blog will be a compliment to the OnePage Article directory which will be coming soon once it has been set up and installed.

I hope to provide useful videos and article content explaining why and how writing article content around your main business website improves your overall businesses growth.

So stick around and I'll have some new content up very soon!