Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Linkbee For Sprinkling Some Backlinking Fairy Dust

Linkbee is a link service that you can utilize to build backlinks quite easily and you can also earn from the links revenue in the form of impressions and clicks through an interstitial ad or adsense banner, all you basically do is create links to your sites or anyones site and spread the links around without spamming and the more you look at certain keywords and ways of writing the anchor text links for your best keywords the better your results may be for the search engines for your links.

I wouldn't count on this as a full time income or anything, but something that combined with other revenue sharing methods, it could in time be an extra side income which will be nice, but even if you just want to use it for traffic to your main website or blog, then you can.

You can check out Linkbee here and this is an affiliate link and is something that we here at one page articles are testing out and we can see the linking potential of this site.

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