Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Writing And Earning Through Hubpages - It Also Builds Traffic Too!

For over 3 years now, I myself have been writing for hubpages, testing out keyword based articles and other search engine methods for driving traffic through the search engines and quite recently I have managed to drive my traffic up to a point that I am pleased with, but I want to build on this and double the hits my hubpages get and even in the future I would like to times my traffic by 10 and I know this is possible with Hubpages, because a couple of weeks ago I managed to drive my traffic up to over 2000 views a day and this was not all of my hubpages, because there were a few older hubpages that were my first time efforts which will need to be updated and made more search engine friendly, I have nearly 350 hubpages on one account.

Hubpages allows you the monetization through Google adsense, Ebay and Amazon and even the introduction of Kontera awhile back which you need mega traffic to earn anything from, but adsense, ebay and amazon are more than enough when you optimize titles and article content effectively.

It took me a 3 year learning curve to figure things out and I can apply what I've learned through this site to other similar sites like Squidoo or Blogger.

If you're not a member of Hubpages, then I highly recommend you become one and sign up here at Hubpages

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